Ramblings of tired four eyes


Am I talking to myself?
I keep wondering, is anyone listening?
Are these signs obvious only to me?
Oh dear, is anyone listening at all?
I will not be the carrier of bad news,
Or the fake painter of good news.
I will simply tell the tales as I see them-as the gods allow me to see them.
The tides are changing and the wind is blowing differently.
There is trouble in the air for those who care to smell it.
Take heed while ye may: the lowly can only stand so much.
Make flee while you still can, regret has no place with corpses.
I smell a revolution: as fast as swift as the French, as bloody and long as the Syrian, as young as the Egyptian and and lost as the Libyan.
They told you that the day was coming: I am telling you that the day has…

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